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Claim and obtain a handle for a device identified by UsbWaitForEvent, UsbEventsWithCallback, UsbFindFirstDevice, UsbFindNextDevice.

int32_t UsbOpenDevice( 
struct usbDeviceInfo * udi,
char * drvrname,
int32_t * udev,
void * data


Pointer to  usbDeviceInfo structure returned from UsbWaitForEvent, UsbEventsWithCallback, UsbFindFirstDevice or UsbFindNextDevice
The name to be associated with the handle returned (the "driver name").
Pointer to a variable to receive the handle for this device.
User-defined data to be associated with this device.

Return Values

USB_ERR_NORMAL_COMPLETION Success. The device was claimed and a valid handle returned.
USB_ERR_NO_STACK The USB stack is not ready.
USB_ERR_MEMORY Memory could not be allocated for the operation.
USB_ERR_IN_USE The device has already been claimed.
USB_ERR_INVAL Any of udi, drvname or udev is not a valid pointer.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 5.0 intime/rt/include/usbif3h usbif3h usbif3lib