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Creates a memory pool and returns a handle to it.

MPOOL mpool_create(
    void * base,
    DWORD pool_size,
    DWORD blk_size,
    DWORD flags,
    char  *name 


Valid values include:
NULL (Dynamic pool) Allocates pages as needed from the system memory pool.
non-NULL (Static pool) Points to a buffer of at least one page in size (4K). This buffer should not be on the stack.
These pools are respectively referred to as dynamic and static pools.
The upper limit of a pool:
0 (zero) The pool can grow to the limit of process memory.
n The maximum pool size.
Pool size may not be greater than LONG_MAX.
The basic allocation unit size when more memory is required. This value is expressed as a multiple of the system page size. 2 (two) is a very efficient value.
Valid values include:
MPOOL_NOLOCK Do not employ a lock for mutual exclusion.
MPOOL_BEST_FIT Use the best fit for allocation.
MPOOL_FIRST_FIT Use the first fit for allocation.
MPOOL_ZAP Fill the buffers with 0 when freeing.
MPOOL_FILL Fill the buffers with pattern "fill_char" when allocating; see MPOOL_CONFIG.
If both MPOOL_BEST_FIT and MPOOL_FIRST_FIT are specified, MPOOL_BEST_FIT takes precedence.
(Optional) A string that names the pool. If name is omitted, a default name is created of the form MPOOL-XXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX represents in hexidecimal the value returned from mpool_create.


Static pools may be created in memory defined by the process's data area, its stdlib heap, or memory returned from AllocateRtMemory and MapRtPhysicalMemory.

Return Values

A handle to a memory pool.
Failure. The function sets errno to one of these values:
E2BIG The value of pool_size is too large.
EEXIST The pool is deleted.
EINVAL A parameter is invalid.
ENOSPC Out of virtual memory.
ENOMEM Out of physical memory.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/rt/include/mpool.h mpool.h clib.lib
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