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ie25g (Intel® Ethernet Controller I225/I226 Driver)


The ie25g driver provides support for any PCI Express adapter or LOM (LAN On Motherboard) based on the Intel I225 Multi Gigabit Controller. The driver supports Transmit/Receive checksum offload, Jumbo Frames, MSI, TSO, and RSS.

The maximum MTU size for Jumbo Frames is 9216 bytes.

This driver version supports VLAN hardware insertion / extraction, and VLAN checksum offload. For information on enabling VLANs, see ifconfig(8). The ie25g driver supports the following media types:

Loader tunables

Tunables can be set in loader.cfg.

Enable jumbo frames (>1500 bytes) for the device


The ie25g driver supports the following models:


Diagnostic messages will be logged to System Event Log.


Versions Link to
INtime 7.1 netlib.lib
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