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Updating an INtime Distributed RTOS Host
INtime SDK v7.1 > Using INtime Software > Updating an INtime Distributed RTOS Host

How to update the INtime version on a deployed INtime Distributed RTOS Host.

INtime Distributed RTOS

Download the desired version of the rtupd.rta or real-time update file. The version is in the name: i.e. rtupd-70-2xxxx-x.rta.

This file can be found on an SDK installation at %INTIME%rtos.

Use FTP to move the rtupd.rta file to the root directory on the target INtime Distributed RTOS host.

Change the name of this file to "rtupd.rta".

Run the script "update_system.rsc" located in the /bin directory with either the INtime console or the INshell tab in the web interface.

The basic commands in the update_system.rsc script:

  1. mount -u -o rw,-m0777 /boot
  2. /rtupd.rta -o
  3. setreboot on

This update will not change the configuration or license.

This method will not update from an INtime version before INtime 7 to INtime 7.