INtime SDK Help
vo (SDM)

Displays information about the objects in a process.

vo process-handle


The handle of the process for which you want to display object information.


This command lists the handles for a process's child processes, threads, mailboxes, semaphores, regions, segments, extensions, composites, and buffer pools.

The format of the vo command is:

Child Processes:     xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Threads:          xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Mailboxes:      xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Semaphores:     xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Regions:        xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Segments:       xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Extensions:     xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Composites:     xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...
Buffer Pools:   xxxx    xxxx    xxxx    ...

The fields in the display are:

Child Processes
The handles for the child processes.
The handles for the threads in the process.
The handles for the mailboxes in the process. An o following a mailbox handle means that one or more objects are queued at the mailbox. A t following a mailbox handle means that one or more threads are queued at the mailbox.
The handles for the semaphores in the process. A t following a semaphore handle means that one or more threads are queued at the semaphore.
The handles for the regions in the process. A b (busy) following a region handle means that a thread has access to information guarded by the region.
The handles for the segments in the process.
The handles for the extensions in the process.
The handles for the composites in the process. An s following a composite signifies a port with a signal waiting. An m signifies a port with a message waiting. A t signifies a port with a thread waiting.
Buffer Pools
The handles for the buffer pools in the process.


To look at the objects in the process having the handle 1670, enter:

..vo 1670 

This displays:

Child Processes:  2460
Threads:          1688    1778    17b8    1940    1950    2ff8
Mailboxes:        1720    1728    1738 t  1740 t  1760 t  1768 t
Semaphores:       17a0    17a8 t
Segments:         16d8    1750    1958    1960    2fe8    2fc8
Composites:       1690    16f0    1710    1828    1848    1980
Buffer Pools:     

This display shows the process's handles and that threads are waiting at four mailboxes and one semaphore.

Error Messages

Syntax Error
You did not specify a parameter for the command or you made an error entering the command.
HANDLE is not a Process
You entered a handle that is not a process handle.
You entered a value that is not a valid handle.

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