INtime SDK Help
vj (SDM)

Displays the handles in the process tree hierarchy beginning with a specified process handle.

vj [process-handle]


The handle of the process from which you want to begin displaying the process tree hierarchy. If you omit this parameter or specify 0, the process tree display begins with the root process.


The handles for descendant processes in the process tree are indented to show their position in the tree hierarchy.

If the process tree has more than 44 descendant processes, handles display up to the 44th entry and an error message displays.

This is the format of the process tree display:

INtime Process Tree
<handle1>                [name of Root Process]
   <handlen>             [name of application or RTA path]
   <handlen>             [DSM Subsystem Process]
   <handlen>             [Shared C Library]
   <handlen>             [Paging Subsystem]

The fields in the process tree display are:

The handle you specified as Root Process; the root process handle is the default.
The handles for the descendant processes of handle1.

The layer names in parentheses are not shown in the actual process tree display. There are comments added to show the layers for the default process tree.


To examine the hierarchy of the root process, enter:


This is an example process tree display:

        INtime Process Tree

   17b0               Extended I/O System
      1898            INtime Run-Time Loader
         e170         /bin/gobs_net.rta
         d7b8         /network7/mdnsresp.rta
         c860         /bin/webs.rta
         a788         /network7/ftpd.rta
         7480         /network7/dhclient.rta
         e7b8         /network7/istack.rta
         db18         /bin/conkb3.rta
         c7a8         /bin/usb3.rta
         bf30         /bin/nodemgr.rta
         bca0         /bin/mpiosrv.rta
         b988         /bin/syslogd.rta
         29c8         :RD:bin/iosys.rta
   16d8               XIOSYS Driver
   16b8               SMM to INtime Console Interface
      1750            INtime Console
   1680               File Driver (FD) Job
   15f0               I/O System
   1528               Iwin32 helper for INtime Build 178
   10f0               Global Objects Manager
   1070               DSM Subsystem
   0ff0               Shared C Library
   0f80               Paging Subsystem
   0f18               Nucleus Communications Service

If you want to display the descendant processes of 1898, enter:

..vj 1898

This displays the process tree information:

        INtime Process Tree

1898                  INtime Run-Time Loader
   e170               /bin/gobs_net.rta
   d7b8               /network7/mdnsresp.rta
   c860               /bin/webs.rta
   a788               /network7/ftpd.rta
   7480               /network7/dhclient.rta
   e7b8               /network7/istack.rta
   db18               /bin/conkb3.rta
   c7a8               /bin/usb3.rta
   bf30               /bin/nodemgr.rta
   bca0               /bin/mpiosrv.rta
   b988               /bin/syslogd.rta
   29c8               :RD:bin/iosys.rta

Error Messages

DB process nest limit exceeded
The process has more than 44 process descendants.
Syntax Error
You made an error entering the command.
HANDLE is not a Process
You entered a handle that is not a process handle.
You entered a value that is not a valid handle.
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