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waitfor - wait for handle (waitfor.rta)
INtime SDK v7.1 > INtime Utilities > DRTOS Utilities > waitfor - wait for handle (waitfor.rta)


waitfor - Wait for a handle to be cataloged in a process' object directory.

Command line

waitfor [-node nodename] [-v | -verbose] [-wait nnn | -nowait] [-proc xxxx] objectname [...]


-node nodename
Specify the name of the node where the RTA is running
Enable extended output
-wait secs
Wait for secs seconds for handle to be cataloged
Don't wait for handle to be cataloged. Equivalent to -wait 0.
-proc XXXX
Look in process with handle xxxx for name


This utility is intended to be used in startup scripts to ensure an object is cataloged.

Lookup objectname in the process indicated by the -proc parameter, or in the root process by default. The utility waits until the handle has been cataloged with the given name unless the -wait or -nowait parameter has been specified in which case the utility will exit after the specified timeout.

When the handle is cataloged the utility returns with exit code 0. If a specified timeout elapses before the handle is cataloged then the utility returns with a status code of 1.

If multiple names a specified then the utility returns after all have been cataloged. If a timeout is specified then it applies to each name in turn. if any name is not cataloged before the timeout, the utility will return a value indicating how many names were not cataloged.