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KillRTA (killrta.exe)
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Killrta.exe is a Windows utility which attempts to terminate an RTA running on an INtime node. Termination is attempted by first sending a TERMINATE message to the process, then (optionally) attempting to delete it if it does not respond to the message.


killrta [-node nodename] [-force] -name processname|-proc prochandle
-node nodename
Specify the name of the node where the RTA is running
Attempt to terminate the process then if it does not respond to the message attempt to delete the process.
-name processname
Looks up the process name in the root process directory to obtain the process handle.
-proc prochandle
Specify the value of the handle of the process to delete.
Note: Specify either the -name or the -proc option, not both.


killrta -node NodeA -proc 1048

Attempt to terminate the process with the handle 1048 on node NodeA. If -node is not specified, defaults to the first local node.

killrta -name CodeEngine

Attempts to terminate the process cataloged as "CodeEngine" in the root process.

killrta -force -proc 1238

Attempts to terminate the process, then deletes it if it does not respond to the TERMINATE message.