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FTPDS - File Transfer Protocol Secure server (ftpds.rta)
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Ftpds is the Internet File Transfer Protocol Secure server process. The server uses the TCP protocol and listens at the port specified in the "ftp" service specification. (INtime Distributed RTOS only).

Command line

ftpds [-d] [-i] [-v] [-l] [-p] [-s] [-t] [-A] [-a]

Available options

Implicit SSL
-p | pri
Base priority (5 .. 253)
-s | n
Allow (1 .. "MAX_SESSIONS") simultaneous sessions
-t | tmo
Connection timeout seconds
Allow only anonymous ftp access
Disallow anonymous ftp access

Implicit SSL configures the FTP server to listen on port 990 for client connections.

The default mode of the FTP server is explicit SSL. The server's SSL capability is advised by the FEAT command response.

The file /config/etc/nologin can be used to disable ftp access. If the file exists, ftpd displays it and exits. If the file /config/etc/ftphello exists, ftpd prints it before issuing the "ready" message. If the file /config/etc/ftpmotd exists, ftpd prints it after a successful login.

The ftp server currently supports the following ftp requests. The case of the requests is ignored.

Request Description
ABOR abort previous command
ACCT specify account (ignored)
CCC clear command channel
CDUP change to parent of current working directory
CWD change working directory
DELE delete a file
FEAT determine extended features of the server
HELP give help information
LIST give list files in a directory ("ls -lgA")
MKD make a directory
MDTM show last modification time of file
MFCT modify the creation time of a file
MFMT modify the last modification time of a file
MODE specify data transfer mode
NLST give name list of files in directory
NOOP do nothing
PASS specify password
PASV prepare for server-to-server transfer
PBSZ protection Buffer Size
PORT specify data connection port
PROT data channel protection level
PWD print the current working directory
QUIT terminate session
REST restart incomplete transfer
RETR retrieve a file
RMD remove a directory
RNFR specify rename-from file name
RNTO specify rename-to file name
SITE non-standard commands (see next section)
SIZE return size of file
STAT return status of server
STOR store a file
STOU store a file with a unique name
STRU specify data transfer structure
SYST show operating system type of server system
TYPE specify data transfer type
USER specify user name
XCUP change to parent of current working directory (deprecated)
XCWD change working directory (deprecated)
XMKD make a directory (deprecated)
XPWD print the current working directory (deprecated)
XRMD remove a directory (deprecated)

The following non-standard or UNIX specific commands are supported by the SITE request.

Request Description
HELP give help information.

The remaining ftp requests specified in Internet RFC 959 are recognized, but not implemented. MDTM and SIZE are not specified in RFC 959, but will appear in the next updated FTP RFC.

The ftp server cannot actually abort an active file transfer.

FTPD authenticates users according to the following rules.

  1. The login name must be in the password data base.
  2. If the user name is ``anonymous'' or ``ftp'', an anonymous ftp account must be present in the password file (user ``ftp''). In this case the user is allowed to log in by specifying any password (by convention an email address for the user should be used as the password).
  3. The user name does not appear in %intimecfg%etc/ftpusers

The follow wild cards are recognized by the LIST command.
1. \ - literal character quote
2. ? - match anything
3. * - trailing star matches everything
4. [] - character class. [^....] means inverse character class


%intimecfg%/etc/ftphello Welcome notice.
%intimecfg%/etc/ftpmotd Welcome notice after login.
%intimecfg%/etc/ftpusers List of unwelcome/restricted users.
%intimecfg%/etc/nologin Displayed and access refused.

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