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start_RT_trace (INscope)
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Starts a trace using the current configuration settings. This call can work only if the INscope RT Server Component has been loaded on this RT node.

int start_RT_trace(
        UINT_8 init_trace               // Reset flag


Specifies whether to zero out the trace buffer and reset the trace header t_head and t_count values before enabling system tracing or to add new trace information to the existing buffer contents. Valid values include:
1 Init the trace buffer.
0 (zero) Leave the trace buffer as is.

Return Values

0 (zero); tracing is disabled.
1; tracing is already enabled.
-1; the INscope RT Server Component is not loaded.
-2; the buffer has been locked.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.1 intime/rt/include/traceapi.h traceapi.h traceapi.lib

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