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NTXPROCATTRIBS(INtimeDotNet) structure

Specifies memory usage fields the RT Application Loader.

Visual Basic:

  Public dwPoolMin As Integer
  Public dwPoolMax As Integer
  Public dwVsegSize As Integer
  Public dwObjDirSize As Integer
End Structure

Visual C#:

  Int32 dwPoolMin;
  Int32 dwPoolMax;
  Int32 dwVsegSize;
  Int32 dwObjDirSize;


Specifies the minimum amount of memory, in bytes, allocated to the INtime application for dynamic data. If the dwPoolMin value exceeds dwPoolMax, the RT Application Loader exits.
Specifies the maximum amount of memory, in bytes, allocated to the INtime application for code, stack, static, and dynamic memory.

The maximum amount of memory available for dynamic memory allocation is dwPoolMax minus static memory used for the code, data and stack and RT kernel overhead.

If the dwPoolMax value is less than dwPoolMin, the RT Application Loader exits.

To borrow all available memory, enter -1 (minus 1).

Specifies the total address space available for the INtime application. The default value is 8 Mb.

The virtual segment size must be a minimum of 8 Mb. The value of dwVsegSize rounds up to the next 4 Mb boundary. For example, if you enter 5 Mb, the RT Application Loader rounds the value to 8 Mb.

Specifies the number of entries this INtime application's object directory can hold. The default value is 64 entries. The minimum is 3; maximum is 3840.

INtime software's RT kernel allocates 16 bytes per entry.


Versions Reference
INtime 3.0 INtimeDotNet

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