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Used by hpeOpenWithOptions to specify options.

typedef struct {
    DWORD interrupt_mode;  
    DWORD phy_params;      
    DWORD debug_flags
    unsigned char mac_addr[6];
    unsigned char pad[2]; 


Determines the interrupt mode. May take one of the following values:
NO_INTERRUPT No interrupts will be generated (polled mode).
INPUT_INTERRUPT Interrupts will be generated for each received frame.
OUTPUT_INTERRUPT Interrupts will be generated for transmitted frame.
ALL_INTERRUPTS Interrupts will be generated for each received and each transmitted frame.
A bitmap that defines the PHY parameters. A combination of one of each of the following two groups of values defines the line speed and the duplex for the interface.
  • Line speed parameters
    SPEED_10 forces the interface to 10 Mbit line speed.
    SPEED_100 forces the interface to 100 Mbit line speed.
    SPEED_1000 forces the interface to 1 Gbit line speed.
    If a line speed parameter is not specified, the driver tries to detect the speed.
  • Duplex parameters
    DUPLEX_FULL forces the interface to full-duplex.
    DUPLEX_HALF forces the interface to half-duplex.
    If a duplex parameter is not specified, the driver tries to detect the duplex.
  • Link Status parameter
    NO_WAIT_FOR_LINK instructs HPE driver not to wait for link up status. By default, HPE driver waits until link is up for an internally defined timeout period.  The timeout value depends on the driver and it is usually a few seconds. If NO_WAIT_FOR_LINK is specified, then HPE driver doesn't wait for the link up status. User application needs to check link up status using hpeGetMediaStatus before it starts sending/receiving packets.
  • Other parameter
    PROBE_ONLY instructs HPE driver not to open the device but only to probe the device. This parameter can be used to probe if the specified device exists or not. If the function returns E_OK, the device exists and it can be used for HPE operation. PROBE_ONLY must be used before opening any other HPE devices. When this parameter is specified, other phy_params parameters, interrupt_mode and p_devhandle are ignored. Since PROBE_ONLY doesn't open the device, calling hpeClose is not necessary. An example of using this parameter is provided in the HPE sample project.
    RETURN_RECEIVE_BUFFER enables "ReturnReceiveBuffer" mode. In this mode, the buffer returned by hpeGetReceiveBuffer is owned by user application and will not be overwritten by network device. User application needs to pass the ownership of the buffer back to network device by calling hpeReturnReceiveBuffer.
The field debug_flag should be set to 0 (zero) for normal operation. Specifying non-zero value will output debugging information. Set it to -1 to get the full debugging information.
Use this field to force setting an alternative MAC address. Setting this field to 0 (zero) uses the original MAC address assigned to the device.
The field pad is not used and must be set to 0 (zero).


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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