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RtSleepFt (iwin32)
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Suspends the current thread's execution for, at a minimum, the specified interval, expressed in 100ns units.

VOID RtSleepFt(
    PLARGE_INTEGER pDuration


Pointer to a LARGE_INTEGER structure that contains the number of 100ns intervals to sleep.

Although time is in 100ns units, the implementation uses the INtime system timer period (default 500us).

The actual number of INtime ticks the thread waits is calculated as follows:

interval = (parameter + ktick_in_100ns - 1) / ktick_in_100ns;

where: interval is the actual interval slept, ktick_in_100ns is the INtime low-level clock period expressed as a multiple of 100ns, and parameter is the value of the parameter passed.

Return Values



Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/iwin32.h iwin32.h iwin32.lib


This function operates in the real-time portion of your application.

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