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RtReadPort (iwin32)
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Reads a specified number of bytes from an input port. RtReadPortXxx functions include:

Each function includes variants for Uchar, Ushort, and Ulong.

VOID RtReadPortBufferUchar(
    PUCHAR PortAddress,
    PUCHAR pBuffer,
    ULONG nNumberOfBytes

VOID RtReadPortBufferUshort(
    PUSHORT PortAddress,
    PUSHORT pBuffer,
    ULONG nNumberOfBytes

VOID RtReadPortBufferUlong(
    PULONG PortAddress,
    PULONG pBuffer,
    ULONG nNumberOfBytes

UCHAR RtReadPortUchar(
    PUCHAR PortAddress

USHORT RtReadPortUshort(
    PUSHORT PortAddress

ULONG RtReadPortUlong(
    PULONG PortAddress


Input port address, cast as a pointer to the type of data read.
Pointer to a buffer to receive data read from the port.
Size, in bytes, of pBuffer.

Return Values

(For the non buffered functions only) the 1, 2, or 4-byte value read from the port.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/iwin32.h iwin32.h iwin32.lib


These functions operate in the real-time portion of your application.

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