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RtAttachShutdownHandler (iwin32)
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RtAttachShutdownHandler registers a shutdown notification handler. The handler function is called in its own thread when one of the system stop events occurs.

HANDLE RtAttachShutdownHandler(
    PSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES    pThreadAttributes,
    ULONG     StackSize,
    VOID (RTFCNDCL *pRoutine)(PVOID Context, LONG reason),
    PVOID     Context,
    ULONG     Priority



Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/iwin32.h iwin32.h iwin32.lib


This function operates in the real-time portion of your application.

The function pointed to by Routine is called when Windows is shut down. The source of the stop notification is presented to this function in the reason argument. The reason argument may have one of the following values according the reason for the notification:

RT_SHUTDOWN_NT_ PENDING The system is starting a normal shutdown and is querying applications if the shutdown may proceed.
RT_SHUTDOWN_NT_SYSTEM_SHUTDOWN The system is starting a normal shutdown. Shortly after all shutdown handlers execute, Windows will stop.
RT_SHUTDOWN_NT_STOP Windows has stopped (i.e., blue screen). INtime will continue to operate.

The order in which the shutdown handlers execute is dependent upon the priority specified when the handler object was created.

Only one shutdown handler object is permitted per INtime process. A handler function should not call ExitThread, but should simply return when finished. When all registered shutdown handlers have returned, the system completes the Windows shutdown sequence.

A shutdown handler object may be destroyed by calling RtReleaseShutdownHandler.

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