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ReleaseMutex, RtReleaseMutex (iwin32)
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Releases ownership of the specified mutex object.

BOOLEAN ReleaseMutex(
    HANDLE hMutex

BOOLEAN RtReleaseMutex(
    HANDLE hMutex


Handle to the mutex object. RtCreateMutex returns this handle.


You cannot call this function from a pure INtime thread. RtReleaseMutex can also be used from a Windows application to release an iwin32 mutex.

If the calling thread does not own the mutex object, ReleaseMutex fails.

A thread gets ownership of a mutex by specifying a handle to the mutex in a wait function. The thread that creates a mutex object can also get immediate ownership without using a wait function. When the owning thread no longer needs to own the mutex object, it calls ReleaseMutex.

While a thread owns a mutex, it can specify the same mutex in additional wait-function calls without blocking its execution. This prevents a thread from deadlocking itself while waiting for a mutex it already owns. However, to release its ownership, the thread must call ReleaseMutex once for each time the mutex satisfied a wait function call.

When a thread fully releases the last mutex it owns, its priority is restored to what it was upon entering the first mutex (it may have changed when a better priority thread entered the wait queue for an owned mutex).

Return Values

0 (zero)
Failure. For extended error information, see GetLastError


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/iwin32.h


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