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Status codes are numeric values that represent unique conditions. Each code also has a mnemonic such as E_OK, which indicates successful completion or E_MEM which indicates not enough memory.

When you write source code you can refer to status codes by their mnemonics. The RT kernel includes files that contain literal declarations for RT status codes.

Status code values fall into ranges based on the RT layer that first detects the condition and the type of exception. This shows the ranges based on the error type and the layer that detects the condition. Numeric values appear in hexadecimal.

Source Environmental conditions Programming errors
RT kernel 0x0 to 0x3FFF 0x8000 to 0xBFFF

 Status values (high-level calls)

All of the status code values which can be returned by the kernel are listed here.

Value Symbol Description
0x0000 E_OK no error
0x0001 E_TIME time limit expired
0x0002 E_MEM insufficient physical memory available
0x0003 E_BUSY region was busy
0x0004 E_LIMIT attempt to violate a limit
0x0005 E_CONTEXT request was out of context
0x0006 E_EXIST token does not refer to an object
0x0007 E_STATE illegal state transition attempted
0x0008 E_NOT_CONFIGURED operation not configured
0x0009 E_INTERRUPT_SATURATION reached max interrupt requests
0x000A E_INTERRUPT_OVERFLOW more than max interrupt requests
0x000B E_TRANSMISSION error in transmission
0x000C E_SLOT no available GDT slots
0x000D E_DATA_CHAIN data chain received, not contiguous buffer
0x0020 E_FILE_EXISTS File already exists
0x0021 E_FILE_NOT_EXIST File does not exist
0x0022 E_DEVFD device & file driver incompatible
0x0023 E_SUPPORT unsupported request
0x0024 E_EMPTY_ENTRY empty directory entry
0x0025 E_DIR_END end of directory
0x0026 E_FILE_ACCESS file access not granted
0x0027 E_FILE_TYPE file type not compatible
0x0028 E_SHARE improper file share requested
0x0029 E_SPACE no space left on volume
0x002A E_IDDR illegal device driver requested
0x002B E_IO I/O error
0x002C E_FLUSHING connection was deleted
0x002D E_ILLEGAL_VOLUME unknown volume
0x002E E_DEVICE_OFFLINE device is offline
0x002F E_IFDR illegal file driver request
0x0030 E_FRAGMENTATION File too fragmented to expand
0x0031 E_DIR_NOT_EMPTY Cannot delete nonempty directory
0x0032 E_NOT_FILE_CONN Expected a file connection
0x0033 E_NOT_DEVICE_CONN Expected a device connection
0x0034 E_CONN_NOT_OPEN Connection should have been open
0x0035 E_CONN_OPEN Connection should not have been open
0x0036 E_BUFFERED_CONN Cannot use EIOS buffered connection
0x0037 E_OUTSTANDING_CONNS Cannot soft detach
0x0038 E_ALREADY_ATTACHED Device previously attached
0x0039 E_DEV_DETACHING Device was being detached
0x003A E_NOT_SAME_DEVICE Cannot rename across devices
0x003B E_ILLOGICAL_RENAME Tried to rename dir under itself
0x003C E_STREAM_SPECIAL Stream file SPECIAL error
0x003D E_INVALID_FNODE Invalid file descriptor node
0x003E E_PATHNAME_SYNTAX Invalid or null pathname
0x003F E_FNODE_LIMIT No fnodes left on volume
0x0040 E_LOGICAL_NAME_SYNTAX Illegal logical name syntax
0x0041 E_CANNOT_CLOSE CANNOT flush buffers to device
0x0042 E_IO_MEMORY insufficient MEMORY for I/O request
0x0044 E_MEDIA error on media
0x0045 E_LOGICAL_NAME_NEXIST non-existent logical name
0x0046 E_NOT_OWNER running user is not the owner of the device
0x0047 E_IO_JOB job is not an io job
0x0048 E_UDF_FORMAT invalid UDF format
0x0049 E_NAME_N_EXIST name does not exist
0x004A E_UID_N_EXIST user ID does not exist
0x004B E_PASSWORD_MISMATCH password does not match
0x004C E_UDF_IO could not find the UDF file
0x0050 E_IO_UNCLASSIFIED an unclassified io error occurred
0x0051 E_IO_SOFT a soft io error occurred
0x0052 E_IO_HARD a hard io error occurred
0x0053 E_IO_NOT_READY the device is not ready
0x0054 E_IO_WRITE_PROTECTED the volume is write protected
0x0055 E_IO_NO_DATA no tape data found
0x0056 E_IO_MODE tape drive in incorrect mode
0x0057 E_IO_NO_SPARE spare track or sector not available
0x0058 E_IO_ALT_ASSIGNED alternate track or sector assigned
0x0080 E_LITERAL unclosed literal during parsing
0x0081 E_STRING_BUFFER string buffer is too small for results
0x0082 E_SEPARATOR illegal or improperly placed separator
0x0083 E_CONTINUED user parse buffer is continued
0x0084 E_INVALID_NUMERIC improperly formed number
0x0085 E_LIST improperly formed parameter list
0x0086 E_WILDCARD name does not contain wildcard characters
0x0087 E_PREPOSITION preposition appeared on a keyword parameter
0x0088 E_PATH invalid path name format
0x0089 E_CONTROL_C control-C received on user's terminal
0x008A E_CONTROL unrecognized control
0x008B E_UNMATCHED_LISTS lists do not contain same # of elements
0x008C E_INVALID_DATE invalid date
0x008D E_NO_PARAMETERS no parameters given
0x008E E_VERSION program version incompatible with system
0x008F E_GET_PATH_ORDER Called get$output before get$input
0x0090 E_PERMISSION No permission to access resource
0x0091 E_INVALID_TIME invalid time
0x00E1 E_CANCELLED transaction cancelled
0x00E2 E_INVALID_ADDR location parameter invalid
0x00E3 E_NO_LOCAL_BUFFER buffer resources inadequate
0x00E4 E_NO_REMOTE_BUFFER inadequate port buffers
0x00E6 E_RESOURCE_LIMIT internal buffer limit reached
0x00E8 E_TRANS_ID transaction id invalid
0x00E9 E_DISCONNECTED no default socket set up
0x00EA E_TRANS_LIMIT transmission resource limitation
0x00F0 E_VMEM insufficient virtual memory
0x00F1 E_ALLOCATED physical memory already allocated
0x00F2 E_NOT_ALLOCATED no physical memory allocated
0x1001 E_NTX_INTERNAL_ERROR A communications error occurred while making an NTX call
0x1101 E_IWIN32_INTERNAL_ERROR A communications error occurred while making an iwin32 call
0x8000 E_ZERO_DIVIDE attempt to divide by zero
0x8001 E_OVERFLOW overflow interrupt occurred
0x8002 E_TYPE token arg. has invalid type
0x8004 E_PARAM arg. has an invalid value
0x8005 E_BAD_CALL bad primitive call
0x8006 E_ARRAY_BOUNDS run-time trap
0x8007 E_NDP_ERROR 80287 error
0x8008 E_ILLEGAL_OPCODE 286 trap
0x8009 E_EMULATOR_EXCEPTION 286 trap
0x800B E_CPU_EXT_DATA 286 trap
0x800C E_STACK_FAULT stack fault
0x800D E_PROTECTION protection violation
0x800E E_NOT_PRESENT segment is not present
0x800F E_BAD_ADDRESS illegal address
0x8021 E_NO_USER Job has no default user object
0x8022 E_NO_PREFIX Job has no default prefix object
0x8023 E_BAD_BUFF illegal memory buffer
0x8040 E_NOT_LOG_NAME Invalid connection as a prefix
0x8041 E_NOT_DEVICE path name not a device name
0x8042 E_NOT_CONNECTION path name not a logical name
0x80E0 E_PROTOCOL operation on wrong type of port
0x80E1 E_PORT_ID_USED port id is already in use
0x80E2 E_NUC_BAD_BUF invalid buffer operation
0x80F0 E_VSEG calling job not owner of virtual seg
0x80F1 E_ALIGNMENT address not aligned properly
0x8100 E_ZERO_DIVIDE divide by 0 error
0x8101 E_SINGLE_STEP single step error
0x8102 E_NMI_RECEIVED NMI encountered
0x8103 E_DEBUG_TRAP debug interrupt encountered
0x8104 E_OVERFLOW overflow error
0x8105 E_ARRAY_BOUNDS array bounds error
0x8106 E_INVALID_OPCODE invalid opcode error
0x8107 E_DEVICE_NOT_PRESENT NPX device not present error
0x8108 E_DOUBLE_FAULT double fault error
0x8109 E_DEVICE_ERROR NPX device error
0x810a E_INVALID_TSS invalid TSS error
0x810b E_SEGMENT_NOT_PRESENT segment not present error
0x810c E_STACK_FAULT stack fault error
0x810d E_PROTECTION general protection error
0x810e E_PAGE_FAULT page fault error
0x810f E_UNKNOWN_HW_FAULT unknown hardware error
0x8110 E_DEVICE_ERROR_1 NPX device error 2
0x8111 E_ALIGNMENT_CHECK hardware alignment check error
0x8F02 E_LOCATION An invalid NTXLOCATION value was specified.
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