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INtime Directory Structure
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This topic describes the INtime directory structure for INtime for Windows and for INtime SDK.

Note: These directory paths assume INtime is installed in default locations.

INtime For Windows and INtime SDK directory structure

Directory Description File Types
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\bin Contains executables and libraries that support INtime software development and its tools. Dynamic link libraries (dll), executables (exe), help files for INtime tools (chm), real-time applications for INtime tools and services (rta), real-time shared libraries for INtime tools and services (rsl).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\help Contains the INtime overview guide, quick-start guide, main INtime help file, and other INtime documentation Pdf documents, help files (chm), Wordpad documents (rtf).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\Network Contains files for legacy INtime networking. Real-time applications
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\Network7 Contains files for INtime networking. Real-time applications, drivers and libraries
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\nt\include Contains include files for windows processes that communicate via NTX to INtime Include files (h).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\nt\lib Contains library files for windows processes that communicate via NTX to INtime Library files (lib).
Include files for real-time applications. Include files (h).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\rt\lib Library files for real-time applications. Library files (lib).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\system32\ File to allow events to be logged. Dynamic link library (dll).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\system32\drivers Driver files for the virtual Ethernet device Security catalog file (cat), driver (sys), driver information file (inf).
%PROGRAMFILES%\INtime\Tools Real time application tools useful for system evaluation and debugging. Real-time applications (rta).
%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\INtime\Projects
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\INtime\Projects (Windows 10 and similar)
Sample applications (see Sample INtime applications) Visual Studio Solutions (sln), Developer studio files (dsw), Project files (vcproj, csproj, jsproj, dsp), source files (h, c, cpp, js, cs).
%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\INtime\remote
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\INtime\remote (Windows 10 and similar)
Files for remote nodes you have created. (NOTE: these files are available only if you have purchased a development kit with remote node support). Binary images (bin), real-time applications (rta), DOS executable (exe), DOS batch file (bat), configuration files (ini)
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\TenAsys\INtime
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\TenAsys\INtime (Windows 10 and similar)
Global files for INtime configuration License file (lservrc), data file (dat)
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\TenAsys\INtime\Drivers
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\TenAsys\INtime\Drivers (Windows 10 and similar)
Driver files for passing devices to INtime. Setup information files (inf), Drivers (sys)

INtime Distributed RTOS target directory structure

This topic describes the file structure on the INtime Distributed RTOS target.

Directory Description
/bin Runtime executable files
/boot Kernel and bootload files
/boot/efi/bootx64.efi UEFI bootloader
/boot/intimeos.3rd Legacy bootloader
/boot/rtboot.ini Bootloader configuration file (used for both legacy and UEFI bootloader)
/boot/rtconfig.sys Systemwide configuration values file
/config/etc Systemwide configuration files and templates
/config/{NodeName} Node-specific configuration files ({NodeName} is replaced by the actual name for each node)
/config/{NodeName}/etc Node-specific network configuration files
/config/{NodeName}/rtconfig.sys Node-specific configuration values file
/config/{NodeName}/startup.rsc Node-specific initial script file
/config/www Web server configuration files
/network7 Network runtime executable files
version.txt Version information