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Pst (SDM)

Displays and lets you modify a field from a page table entry. Use the pdd command to display one or more complete entries.

pst (index).component physical_base


The directory entry to modify. The first entry is index 0.
To display only a single component of a specific table entry, after the (index) enter a period (.) followed by one of these component abbreviations:
ADDR Base address of the page.
AV Available bits for use by the OS.
D Dirty bit: 1 means memory in the page has been written.
A Accessed bit: 1 means read or write to the page.
PCD Page-level Cache Disable bit: 1 means caching is disabled.
PWT Page-level WriteThrough bit: 1 is writethrough, 0 is writeback.
U User/Supervisor bit: 1 is application code and data, 0 is OS memory.
W Read/Write bit: 1 is read/write, 0 is read-only.
P Present bit: 1 means the page is present in memory.
The base address of the page table, as displayed by the pdd command.


Use the following commands to display the second entry (index 1) of the page table at address 00276000 and change the Read/Write bit of that entry.

..pdt(1) 276000
PTBL(1T) ADDR=00c01000 AV=0 D=0 A=0 PCD=0 PWT=0 U=1 W=1 P=1
..pst(1).w 276000
..pdt(1) 276000
PTBL(1T) ADDR=00c01000 AV=0 D=0 A=0 PCD=0 PWT=0 U=1 W=0 P=1

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