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pdp (SDM)

Given a pointer (segmented address), this command displays information about the physical address and indicates which page table and page in memory hold the address.

pdp pointer


A full pointer to memory, including a selector:offset.

Additional Information

A flat-model application's code and data reside in a virtual segment managed by the paging subsystem. The SDM ddt command does not display the actual physical address for memory in a virtual segment. Use the pdp command to find the memory location for addresses within virtual segments.


  1. Assume that you issued an npr command to step to the next call instruction, which displays as:
    c71b:0041001c e8bf0b0000      call   $+00000bc4 ;a=00410be0

    The call is to address 00410be0 in segment c71b. To get the physical memory location of the address being called, issue the following command. It shows that this pointer is to physical address 006c6be0 and resides in the 6th page table (index 5T), at the 17th memory page in that table (index 16T).

    ..pdp c71b:00410be0
    PDIR(5T) ADDR=006c1000 AV=0 S=0 A=1 PCD=0 PWT=0 U=1 W=1 P=1
    PTBL(16T) ADDR=006c6000 AV=0 D=0 A=1 PCD=0 PWT=0 U=1 W=0 P=1

    For the meaning of the fields displayed in the PDIR and PTBL lines above, see the component parameter descriptions in the pdd and pdt commands.

See Also

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