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PciSpaceStart, PciSpaceLength, PciSpaceFlags
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Return the base address, length or flags (attributes) of a PCI device region.

DWORD PciSpaceStart(PCIDEV *dev, int index);
DWORD PciSpaceLength(PCIDEV *dev, int index);
DWORD PciSpaceFlags(PCIDEV *dev, int index);


A pointer to a PCIDEV structure as returned from a call to PciFIndDevice, PciFindClass or PciReadHeader.
The BAR index for a register space on the device.

Return Values

PciSpaceStart returns the physical address of the start of the register space indicated by the index parameter.

PciSpaceLength returns the length in bytes of the register space indicated by the index parameter.

PciSpaceFlags returns a set of flags describing the reigster space indicated by the index parameter. See the description of PCIDEV for details of the flags returned.


The calls are currently implemented by macros, and there is no parameter checking.

For 64-bit BAR ranges, use PciGetExtendedAddressSpace.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/rt/include/pcibus.h pcibus.h pcibus.lib
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