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System management calls
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System calls

This table lists INtime system data tasks you can perform with these calls.

To . . . Use this system call . . .
Specify the kind of nodes that display in the INtime Node Browser. ntxFindINtimeNode
Return a handle to the first known location. ntxGetFirstLocation
Get the handle that follows the one return by the last location call. ntxGetNextLocation
Get a handle to a specified location. ntxGetLocationByName
Get the name NTX uses for a handle. ntxGetNameOfLocation
Get information about a location given its handle. ntxGetLocationInfo
Get information about a node given its handle. GetRtNodeInfo
Extract INtime product version and release information, if it exists, as strings. GetINtimeProductVersion, ntxGetINtimeVersion
Return the INtime product version and release number, if it exists, as a 3 digit, encoded 32 bit hex integer. ntxGetINtimeVersionNumber
Shutdown a Distributed RTOS host system. ShutdownRtHost
Synchronize the local time of day clock with an external source, such as the Windows time-of-day clock or the local Real-Time Clock hardware SyncLocalRtClock
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