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INtime structures
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INtime calls use these structures:

Structure Description
CONTROLBUFFER Tracks the progress of each message during its life in the service.
EVENTINFO Returns notifications about system state, sponsor processes, dependent processes, and shutdown notifications.
EXCEPTION Points to the first instruction of the exception handler.
FILETIME Provides the file system time stamp, a 64-bit value that represents the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since January 1, 1601.
GENADDR Provides port addresses which fully differentiate ports within a particular service.
HEAPINFO Returns heap information.
HWEXCEPTIONMSG When a hardware exception occurs, INtime software's RT kernel sends a message to the data mailbox called HW_FAULT_MBX in the format listed in this structure.
INTERRUPTINFO This structure is filled out by a call to GetRtInterruptInfo and returns information about the interrupt, including the handle of the thread associated with the interrupt level specified in the call.
KNTIME The kernel stores and reads the time value.
NTXEVENTINFO Returns notifications about system state, sponsor processes, and dependent processes.
NTXPROCATTRIBS Specifies memory usage fields for the RT Application Loader.
OBJECTDIR Returns information from a process object directory. Used by InspectRtProcessDirectory.
PCIDEV Passes parameters to library calls and to return values from the PCI configuration space.
POOLINFO Returns information and a process physical memory pool. It is used with GetRtProcessPoolInfo
_PROCESS_INFORMATION Contains information about a newly created process and its primary thread. It is used with RtCreateProcess.
RECEIVEINFO Provides information about received messages to the thread or returns information about the operation just completed.
SERVICEATTRIBUTES The header for every structure passed to the GetRtServiceAttributes and SetRtServiceAttributes.
SERVICEDESC Provides a set of fields to set up the service data structures at initialization time and serves as a reference object for generic code handling in certain service-related functions.
SYSINFO Contains information about the current RT machine configuration.
THREADACCOUNTING Returns accounting information about a thread.
THREADINFO Returns information about a thread.
TIMESTAMPINFO Returns information about the currently-configured timestamp counter.
THREADSTATE_SNAPSHOT Returns register and state information about a thread.
TRANSACTION A buffer that tracks many operations through the service, whether a simple send, a send-RSVP or certain receive operations.