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This lists common operations related to support tasks and the RT kernel system calls that do the operations:

To . . . Use this system call . . .
Return the status of the last system call GetLastRtError
Return a pointer to a string that describes the error code returned from a call to GetLastRtError GetRtErrorText
Return a pointer to a string that contains the name of the status code passed ntxGetRtErrorName
Set the calling thread's last error field SetLastRtError
Copy the contents of RQSYSINFO into SYSINFO CopyRtSystemInfo
Collect log data and pass it to Windows for logging ReportRtEvent
Wait for different parts of the IO system to finish initialization ntxWaitForIoService
Synchronize with the application loader SynchronizeRtLoader
Copy a short sentence that describes "Status" into a buffer ntxLoadRtErrorString
Verify whether the RT kernel successfully initialized ntxGetRtStatus
Obtain the location of an object from its NTXHANDLE. ntxGetLocationOfRtObject
Start and stop INtime nodes. ntxStartLocalRtNode
Get the process current directory GetCurrentRtDirectory
Set the process current directory SetCurrentRtDirectory
Get the full path name of a file GetFullRtPathName
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