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RT service handlers

From INtime 6.0 the INtime Service and Port objects have been deprecated.

New projects should not be started using these features, and existing projects will not work with XM mode. You will receive a compiler warning by default if you use these calls.

To handle. . . Implement this service handler. . .
Implements special actions as a result of calling CancelRtTransaction or DeleteRtPort. Also called if a transaction is canceled as a result of deleting a port. CancelTransaction
Invoked when CreateRtPort is called. CreatePort
Invoked when DeleteRtPort is called. DeletePort
Invoked when the UninstallRtServiceDescriptor is called. Finish
Gets attributes from the service when an application calls GetRtServiceAttributes. GetAttributes
Invoked when an application calls ReceiveRtFragment. GetFragment
Invoked either when InstallRtServiceDescriptor is called, or when the first call to CreateRtPort is made for this service. Initialize
Invoked for each call to SendRtMessage, SendRtMessageRSVP or SendRtReply by an application. SendMessage
Invoked by the service thread when an event occurs. Service
Passes parameters from SetRtServiceAttributes. SetAttributes
Invoked just before returning results to either ReceiveRtMessage or ReceiveRtReply, caused by a service handler calling DeliverStatus. UpdateReceiveInfo
Invoked when ConnectRtPort is called. VerifyAddress


Service handlers are subroutines invoked by the kernel to perform service-dependent functions of the system calls.

For example, calling SendRtMessage causes the kernel to invoke the SendMessage handler supplied by the service to handle the transmission of the message to the interface. Some of these handlers must be supplied by the service while others are optional.

The control and transaction buffer pools are the static resources used for allocating internal data structures. The size of these pools is determined from parameters in the service descriptor at installation time.

See Also

CancelRtTransaction, CreateRtPort, DeleteRtPort, InstallRtServiceDescriptor, UninstallRtServiceDescriptor, GetRtServiceAttributes, ReceiveRtFragment, CreateRtPort, SendRtMessage, SendRtMessageRSVP, ReceiveRtMessage, SendRtReply, ReceiveRtReply, SetRtServiceAttributes, DeliverStatus, ConnectRtPort