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This lists common operations on registry keys and the registry system calls that do the operations.

To . . . Use this system call . . .
Create a key RtRegCreateKeyEx
Delete a subkey from the registry RtRegDeleteKey
Delete a value from a registry key RtRegDeleteValue
Enumerate subkeys of an open registry key RtRegEnumKeyEx
Enumerate a value for an open registry key RtRegEnumValue
Establish a connection to a registry handle on another computer RtRegConnectRegistry
Open a key RtRegOpenKeyEx
Release a handle to a key RtRegCloseKey
Retrieve information about a registry key RtRegQueryInfoKey
Retrieve type and data for a value name associated with an open registry key RtRegQueryValueEx
Set the data and type of a value under a registry key RtRegSetValueEx
Write attributes of an open key into the registry RtRegFlushKey

This shows the order to make registry system calls and lists calls that registers and their keys frequently use:

  1. Make these calls to access registries.
  2. Make these calls to manipulate registry keys.
  3. Make these calls to manipulate registry hives and their backing files.
  4. Make these calls to manipulate the data in registry keys.
  5. Make these calls to close the registry.

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