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Memory pools
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Memory Pools (mpool) are heap style objects that may be created on top of statically defined memory areas or by using memory pages obtained dynamically from the operating system. Standard heap type operations such as allocate, reallocate, and free are supported. An mpool may be created or destroyed at any time. Destroying an mpool is predicated upon no further references to mpool memory being possible.

Mpool Library Calls

This lists common operations related to memory pools and the INtime system calls that do the operations.

To . . . Use this system call . . .
Add a memory chunk to a memory pool mpool_add_chunk
Allocate a new buffer from a memory pool mpool_alloc
Return the current number of buffers created by mpool_alloc/mpool_realloc mpool_buffer_cnt
Return the size of a buffer returned by mpool_alloc or mpool_realloc mpool_buffer_size
Check the memory pool for internal consistency mpool_check
Return to the operating system pages of memory freed via mpool_free and no longer in use mpool_compact
Create a memory pool and return a handle to it mpool_create
Delete a memory pool and free all its resources mpool_delete
Dump memory pool statistics and lists to the console or to a file mpool_dump
Free a buffer allocated with mpool_alloc or mpool_realloc mpool_free
Get a pool's configuration mpool_get_config
Retrieve the name associated with a pool mpool_pool2name
Retrieve the pool associated with a buffer mpool_ptr2pool
Change the size of a buffer allocated with mpool_alloc or mpool_realloc mpool_realloc
Restore a pool to its creation state mpool_reset
Set pool configuration mpool_set_config
Get the memory pool's statistics mpool_stats
Reset pool statistics mpool_stats_reset
Determine whether the buffer address is valid and exists within a pool buffer mpool_validate_buffer
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