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Multiprocess High-performance Ethernet structures
INtime SDK v7.1 > About INtime > Networking and I/O > Multiprocess HPE > Multiprocess High-performance Ethernet structures
To . . . Use this structure . . .
Specify options; used by mhpeConfigOptions HPE_CONFIG_OPTIONS
Specify options; used by mhpeOpenWithOptions HPE_OPEN_OPTIONS
Describe a queue configuration HPE_QUEUE_CONFIG
Describe an individual buffer to hold frame data MHPEBUFFER
Obtain information about the currently-connected media HPEMEDIASTATUS
Describe a set of receive frame buffers MHPERXBUFFERSET
Describe a single transmit buffer MHPETXBUFFER
Describe a transmit buffer set, consisting of multiple transmit buffers MHPETXBUFFERSET
Describe a single transmit stream buffer HPETXSTREAMBUFFER
Describe a transmit stream buffer set, consisting of multiple transmit stream buffers HPETXSTREAMBUFFERSET
Describe a IEEE1588 timestamp HPE_1588_TIMESTAMP
Define an Ether type filter HPE_ETHER_FILTER
Define a Flex Data filter HPE_FLEX_FILTER
Define a 2-Tuple filter HPE_2TUPLE_FILTER