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C/C++ Runtime heap
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The INtime run-time support heap is the memory managed by malloc, calloc, realloc, and free. The below listed functions are non-standard support functions that operate on that heap. The run-time heap is implemented using an mpool.

This lists common operations related to the INtime run-time support heap.

To . . . Use this system call . . .
Add a new memory chunk to the heap. heap_add_chunk
Return the current number of buffers created by malloc/realloc/calloc heap_buffer_cnt
Return the size of a buffer returned by malloc/realloc/calloc heap_buffer_size
Check the heap for internal consistency heap_check
Return to the operating system pages of memory freed via free and no longer in use heap_compact
Dump heap statistics and lists to the console or to a file heap_dump
Get the size of the basic heap allocation block heap_get_blk_size
Get heap configuration heap_get_config
Get the size of the system page size value in bytes heap_get_page_size
Set the size of the basic heap allocation block heap_set_blk_size
Set heap configuration heap_set_config
Get heap statistics heap_stats
Reset heap statistics heap_stats_reset
Determine whether the buffer address is valid and exists within the heap heap_validate_buffer
Instruct the heap manager to clear all buffers when freed heap_zap
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