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C library overview
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The C library includes functions and macros for applications which run in the INtime environment. The library is used by developers using the Microsoft C/C++ compiler and confirms to the ANSI C library standard, with some extensions.

The INtime C library is implemented as a shared library (RSL) and is linked to each application using the link library clib.lib. The INtime C library also contains hooks for monitoring its system calls using the INscope analysis tool.

Including the C library in your application

To include the C library in your application make sure that you define the following macros in your preprocessor settings:



Include this path in your preprocessor settings:


Include this path in your linker settings:


Include the file "clib.lib" in your Linker input file list.

Note: If you generate your application template using the INtime Visual Studio Wizards, these steps are done for you.

Wide-character and Generic Text support

Certain functions have wide-character versions. These functions are generally made available when you include wchar.h. There is also general-text support, made available when you include tchar.h. The wide-character functions and generic text names are listed in each function topic as appropriate.

The generic-text function names are mapped to the wide-character functions if the macro _UNICODE is defined, else they are mapped to the single-byte functions ("ASCII"). This may be defined explicitly in the Preprocessor settings of your project or by using a #define statement to define _UNICODE before including tchar.h.

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