INtime SDK Help
o (SDM)

The first command form enters data at the console and sends it to a port.

[count] o[h|w] port-address,expression


The number of bytes, 16-bit halfwords, or 32-bit words in decimal you want SDM to send to the port. The default count is one.
Sends data to the port in halfword form.
Sends data to the port in word form.
The address of the port to which you want to send data. Valid port addresses range from 0000 to 0FFFFH. Do not use a base portion of the address in this parameter.
The value to send to the port.


  1. This command outputs the value of AX + 1B9 as a word to port number 4:
    ..ow 4, ax + 1b9
  2. This command sends the value 1 as a byte value to port number 2CDE one hundred times:
    <..100 o 2cde, 1

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