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Waits for IO services to initialize. Execution continues when the requested service registers complete initialization, or the thread has been waiting for the specified maximum amount of time.

NTXSTATUS ntxWaitForIoService(
    NTXLOCATION hLocation,
    DWORD dwFlags,
    DWORD dwMilliseconds


Location of the RT kernel where IO initialization is desired.
Specifies which type of service to wait for. Possible values are described below. Values may be combined where appropriate.
NTX_WAIT_FOR_IOPROXY Wait for the INtime IO Proxy service to initialize on the specified RT kernel.
NTX_WAIT_FOR_IOSERVICE Wait for the INtime IO Service to initialize on the specified kernel.
The number of milliseconds the calling thread waits:
NO_WAIT The thread does not wait.
INFINITE The thread waits for its request to be fully satisfied.
Any positive integer Calling thread goes to sleep for this many milliseconds, after which it awakes.
Note: The kernel converts milliseconds to high-level ticks.

Return Values

Returns the status code.


E_OK 0x0000
No exceptional conditions occurred.
E_TIME 0x0001
The initialization did not occur within the specified time limit.
The DLL can't communicate with the RT kernel at the specified location, or the location is not defined.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/nt/include/ntx.h ntx.h ntxext.lib
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