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Removes the current sponsor name from the active sponsor state. No notifications are made to dependents and the name remains in use until the sponsor is removed from all relationships.

This function removes the process registered as an active sponsor from the database. No new relationships can be made with this sponsor name. The name remains in use until the sponsor no longer appears in any dependency relationships.

Visual Basic:

Sub ntxUnregisterSponsor(
  ByVal lpszSponsorName As String)

Visual C#:

void ntxUnregisterSponsor (
  String lpszSponsorName);


A string that contains the name of the sponsor to be removed from the active sponsor state


The specified sponsor name has is not the name of a current sponsor.
The DLL could not contact the RT kernel to complete the request.


Versions Reference
INtime 3.0 INtimeDotNet

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