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Tries to start the RT kernel on the specified Node. Successful completion means that the start has been initiated but does not necessarily mean that it completed successfully. Use ntxGetRtStatus to determine if the RT kernel started successfully.

NTXSTATUS ntxStartLocalRtNode(


Local RT Node to start. The special value NTX_ALL_LOCAL_LOCATIONS specifies all local Nodes.

Return Values

Returns the status code.

E_OK The node is running and able to accept requests.
E_PARAM The location parameter is invalid.
E_LOCATION The specified location is not a local Node.
E_NTX_COMM_FAILURE The DLL could not contact the INtime Kernel Service to complete the request.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/nt/include/ntx.h ntx.h ntx.lib
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