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Obtains an NTX handle that corresponds to an RT handle. See Handle conversion.

Visual Basic:

Function ntxImportRtHandle(
  ByVal IncomingObject As Short,
  ByVal hObjectSource As Integer)
As Integer

Visual C#:

Int32 ntxImportRtHandle (
  Int16 IncomingObject,
  Int32 hObjectSource );


The RT handle in question.
The NTX handle of the object from which IncomingObject was obtained. For example, if the RT handle was stored in an address space, then pass the NTX handle for that address space in hObjectSource.

Return Values

A new NTX handle that refers to the same RT object as the RT handle.

INtimeException Status

IncomingObject or hObjectSource does not contain a valid handle.
The location of hObjectSource cannot be determined or is invalid.


Versions Reference
INtime 3.0 INtimeDotNet

See Also

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