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n (SDM)

Displays single instructions in a disassembled form and then executes those instructions.

[count] n[p][r] [start-address][,]


The number of instructions you want SDM to single step, in decimal.
Tells SDM to treat any CALL routines as a single instruction. SDM displays the CALL instruction, executes the routine, and displays the next instruction. Specify the p immediately after the n command character, as np.
Tells SDM to continue single step execution of instructions until a call instruction is encountered. If the r option is used, the count parameter is ignored. Specify the r immediately after the previous character, as nrp or npr.
The address at which you want SDM to begin executing single instructions. If you do not specify an address, SDM begins executing disassembled single instructions at the current CS:EIP.
(Comma) Adding a comma (,) at the end of this command causes SDM to display the instruction you specified and a dash (-), at the end of the line. If you enter another comma, SDM executes the instruction and then displays the next disassembled instruction with another dash (-). SDM then waits for you to enter another comma or to terminate the command with a <CR>.


  1. If you enter this command, SDM displays the instructions in disassembled form starting at the current CS:EIP and continuing until a CALL instruction. It then displays the CALL instruction and the dash prompt while waiting for further input.,

    If you enter a continuation comma now, SDM continues to execute the displayed instruction and display the next instruction in disassembled form until another CALL instruction is encountered. If you enter additional commas, SDM repeats this process.

  2. If you enter this command, SDM displays and executes the first 23 instructions beginning at CS:4. It then displays the 24th instruction and waits for additional input from you.
    ..24n 4,
  3. If your enter this command, SDM steps to the next call instruction, displays the stack, and, for system calls, the parameters. The "p" ensures that that SDM does not step through a call instruction if it started from one.
    ..nrp; vs

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