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MHPE library calls
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This lists common operations related to MHPE and the INtime calls that do the operations.

Library calls

To . . . Use this system call . . .
A title  
MHPE master process calls  
Find the location of a MHPE master process mhpeFindMaster
Attach to an MHPE master process mhpeAttachMaster
Detach from MHPE master process mhpeDetachMaster
Interface calls  
Create an interface on a node mhpeCreateInterface
Enumerate existing interfaces on a node mhpeEnumInterfaces
Open an existing interface mhpeOpenInterface
Delete an interface mhpeDeleteInterface
Create an interface with options mhpeCreateInterfaceWithOptions
Close an interface mhpeCloseInterface
Configure options for an interface mhpeConfigOptions
Get interface information mhpeGetInterfaceInfo
Get interface current media status mhpeGetMediaStatus
Get interface MAC address mhpeGetMacAddress
Enable or disable receipt of all packets (promiscuous mode) at interface mhpeSetPromiscuousMode
Obtain a list of queue features supported by the hardware interface mhpeGetQueueConfiguration
Endpoint calls  
Enumerate endpoints of an interface mhpeEnumEndpoints
Open an endpoint by type and index mhpeOpenEndpoint
Open an endpoint by name mhpeOpenEndpointByName
Close an endpoint mhpeCloseEndpoint
Get statistics for a transmit or receive endpoint mhpeGetEndpointStats
Transmit endpoint calls  
Attach a set of transmit buffers to a transmit endpoint mhpeAttachTransmitBufferSet
Return the current state of the transmitter at endpoint mhpeGetTransmitterState
Sleep until the next transmit interrupt occurs for endpoint mhpeWaitForTransmitComplete
Set the type of transmit queue for endpoint mhpeSetTransmitAttributes
Start the transmitter at endpoint mhpeStartTransmitter
Set the transmit priority for the endpoint mhpeSetTransmitPriority
Set the global offset to be added to the launch time for the endpoint mhpeSetTransmitTimeOffset
Set the time to subtract from the launch time to be begin packet fetch on endpoint mhpeSetTransmitFetchDelta
Receive endpoint calls  
Allocate a receive buffer set which is compatible with the network device mhpeAllocateReceiveBufferSet
Free a previously-allocated receive buffer set mhpeFreeReceiveBufferSet
Attach a receive buffer set to a receive endpoint mhpeAttachReceiveBufferSet
Sleep until the next receive interrupt occurs for the endpoint mhpeWaitForReceiveComplete
Return a pointer to the next receive buffer at the endpoint which has a fully-received frame in it mhpeGetReceiveBuffer
Returns the receive buffer obtained by mhpeGetReceiveBuffer to the endpoint mhpeReturnReceiveBuffer
Set the type of the receive endpoint mhpeSetReceiveAttributes
Set the receive endpoint to receive all packets not matched by a filter mhpeSetDefaultReceiveEndpoint
Enable a receive endpoint filter by settings its parameters mhpeSetReceiveFilter
Get receive filter mhpeGetReceiveFilter
1588 timer calls  
Read the 1588 time from the timer endpoint mhpe1588GetSystemTime
Set the 1588 time at the timer endpoint mhpe1588SetSystemTime
Adjust the 1588 time at the time endpoint mhpe1588AdjustSystemTime
Set the byte offset at which the 1588 timestamp is written in the transmit packets mhpe1588SetTimestampOffset
Get the transmit timestamp for the most recently transmitted packet mhpe1588GetTxTimestamp
Get the receive timestamp from the receive packet buffer mhpe1588GetRxTimestamp
Retrieve the size of the timestamp header mhpe1588GetRxTimestampHeaderSize
Get the current a588 system time adjustment mhpe1588GetSystemTimeAdjustment
Get the current 1588 system time increment mhpe1588GetSystemTimeIncrement
Get the 1588 system time increment mhpe1588SetSystemTimeIncrement
Signal a semaphore when a target time is reached mhpeSetTargetTimer
Set the parameters to driver a GPIO ping from the 1588 system timer mhpeSetClockGeneratorPin
1588 timer arithmetic helper calls  
Add two 1588 time values mhpe1588TimeAdd
Subtract a 1588 time value from another mhpe1588TimeSubtract
Compare two 1588 time values mhpe1588TimeCompare
Return the difference between two 1588 time values mhpe1588TimeDifference


To . . . Use this structure . . .
Specify options; used by mhpeConfigOptions HPE_CONFIG_OPTIONS
Specify options; used by mhpeCreateInterfaceWithOptions HPE_OPEN_OPTIONS
Describe a queue configuration HPE_QUEUE_CONFIG
Describe an individual buffer to hold frame data MHPEBUFFER
Obtain information about the currently-connected media HPEMEDIASTATUS
Describe a set of receive frame buffers MHPERXBUFFERSET
Describe a single transmit buffer MHPETXBUFFER
Describe a transmit buffer set, consisting of multiple transmit buffers MHPETXBUFFERSET
Describe a single transmit stream buffer HPETXSTREAMBUFFER
Describe a transmit stream buffer set, consisting of multiple transmit stream buffers HPETXSTREAMBUFFERSET
Describe a IEEE1588 timestamp HPE_1588_TIMESTAMP
Define an Ether type filter HPE_ETHER_FILTER
Define a Flex Data filter HPE_FLEX_FILTER
Define a 2-Tuple filter HPE_2TUPLE_FILTER