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Returns a value indicating the current state of the transmitter for the designated tx endpoint. This is used to determine whether the transmit buffers may be reset. If the endpoint is currently active then it is not advised to reset the buffers to avoid a race condition between the endpoint and the CPU.

HPESTATUS mhpeGetTransmitterState(
    MPEHANDLE   ephandle,
uint32_t txstate_p );


The endpoint handle.
A pointer to a DWORD value to receive the transmitter state. This value may be:
HPE_TXIDLE  The transmitter is currently idle.
HPE_TXBUSY The transmitter is performing an operation.
E_LIMIT          The queue_index parameter is out of bounds for the current hardware.

Return Values

A HPESTATUS value indicating the success or failure of the operation.


The operation completed successfully.
The handle given is not a valid transmit endpoint handle.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 7.1 intime/rt/include/mhpeif.h mhpeif.h mhpeif.lib