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log_RT_event (INscope)
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Logs a user-defined event in the trace buffer which can be used for reference when viewing the trace.

Note:   This call is safe to use within interrupt handlers.
int log_RT_event(
        char event_id,         // user defined event identifier
        UINT_16 event_var      // user defined data value


An ASCII character that you specify to identify the event.
A 16-bit value of your choosing. In a debugging scenario, you can have code that tracks the range of some variable, and either start or stop the trace if the variable goes outside a specified defined range.

Return Values

0 (zero)
Failure. The INscope RT Server has not been started on this node.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.1 intime/rt/include/traceapi.h traceapi.h traceapi.lib

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