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LNC Error Codes
INtime SDK v7.1 > About INtime > Other system libraries > Local Node Configuration library > LNC Error Codes

All of the LNC functions return an error code; zero means no error. These are the error code values which may be returned:

Value and Macro Reason
1 = LNCE_NODE_NFND node not found
2 = LNCE_SECTION_NFND section not found
3 = LNCE_PAR_NFND parameter not found
4 = LNCE_PARSIZE the size of the output buffer is not big enough. The size is set to the required value.
5 = LNCE_PARTYPE the parameter cannot be set to this type
6 = LNCE_BADVAL the value to be set for the parameter is invalid
7 = LNCE_EXIST the element already exists
8 = LNCE_RESTARTNOT on calling DoRestart, the user selected No on the restart Windows dialog
9 = LNCE_NOACCESS the client does not have administrator rights
10 = LNCE_READERR reading a value failed
11 = LCNE_WRITEERR writing a value failed
12 = LCNE_NOMORE an enumeration function has reached the end
13 = LNCE_NOSET the parameter cannot be set
14 = LNCE_DEDIZERO there are no nodes in dedicated mode
15 = LNCE_DEDITOOMANY there are too many nodes in dedicated mode
16 = LNCE_SHAREDZERO there is no node in shared mode
17 = LNCE_SHAREDTOOMANY there are too many nodes in shared mode
18 = LNCE_DEDIHOLE there is a hole in the core use in dedicated mode
19 = LNCE_PROP_NFND property number is invalid
20 = LNCE_NODEDEVS node cannot be deleted as it owns devices
21 = LNCE_MEMTOOMUCH total memory too much
22 = LNCE_NODEL the parameter or property cannot be deleted
23 = LNCE_NUMPROC the bootparameter NUMPROC is greater than or equal to the number of available cores
24 = LNCE_VPORTTOOMANY there are more than 4 virtual serial ports
25 = LNCE_VPORTINUSE the virtual serial port is already in use
26 = LNCE_NODERUNNING the requested change cannot be made while the node is running