INtime SDK Help

INtime networking stack.

istack.rta -i  : interface list
           -b  : build date
           -d  : turn on driver debug output
           -l <0..7> : debug output level - default 7
           -L  : list current devices (INtime for Windows only)
           -LL : list all devices (INtime for Windows only)
           -v  : verbose
           -?  : help


istack.rta implements the IPv4 and IPv6 networking protocols. It is normally loaded using the netload.rta utility.

Command Line Options

-i interface list <ven0 ie1g0 ie1g1 ... >
-b Display the build date of the installed istack.rta.
-d Enable driver debug output (for diagnostics)
-l Set the istack syslog level.
Debug output level 0..7. Default is 3 (send LOG_ERR messages and above)
LOG_EMERG 0 System is unusable
LOG_ALERT 1 Action must be taken immediately
LOG_CRIT 2 Critical conditions
LOG_ERR 3 Error conditions
LOG_WARNING 4 Warning conditions
LOG_NOTICE 5 Normal but significant conditions
LOG_INFO 6 Informational
LOG_DEBUG 7 Debug-level messages
-L Show a list of Ethernet devices assigned to the current INtime node and recognized by the network stack. Displays device IDs, name and interface name. The stack recognizes the interface name. (only available on INtime for Windows)
-LL List all the devices currently supported by the network stack and its drivers. Displays each device ID and a short description. (only available on INtime for Windows)
-v verbose output
-? show help

Controlling logging output via the Advanced Settings

These settings may be used in place of the '-d' and '-v' command line options.

# Create an advanced section in the node configuration settings


DEBUG - enable debug output, a non-zero value

VERBOSE - increase verbosity, 1,2,3, ...

# Enable debug output from a driver, but not the stack. The driver name is entered

# in upper case without the unit number.


DEBUG - enable debug output, a non-zero value.

Other Options

The following options can be set in %INTIMECFG%{NodeName}/etc/loader.cfg.


The following files are cached by istack:

The files are cached to speed access and to ensure they are accessible if Windows becomes unavailable. The network library uses the cached copy. If the files are modified while istack runs, istack must be restarted.


Versions Link to
INtime 4.0 netlib.lib
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