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InitializeCriticalSection (iwin32)
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Creates a critical section, which is the same as a nameless mutex.

VOID InitializeCriticalSection(
    LPCRITICAL_SECTION  lpCriticalSection


Pointer to the critical section object


The threads of a single process can use a critical section object for mutual-exclusion synchronization.

The process allocates the memory used by a critical section object, which it can do by declaring a variable of type CRITICAL_SECTION. Before using a critical section, some thread of the process must call InitializeCriticalSection to initialize the object.

After a critical section object is initialized, process threads can specify the object in EnterCriticalSection or LeaveCriticalSection to provide mutually exclusive access to a shared resource. For similar synchronization between the threads of different processes, use a mutex object.

A critical section object cannot be moved or copied. The process must not modify the object, but treat it as logically opaque. To manage critical section objects, use only the critical section functions provided by the iwin32API.

Return Values



Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/winbase.h windows.h iwin32.lib


This function operates in the real-time portion of your application.

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