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This call is an alias for hpeWaitForTransmitQueueComplete with queue_index set to 0.

HPESTATUS hpeWaitForTransmitComplete(
    HPEHANDLE devhandle, 
    DWORD timeout_us


A handle value for the device.
A timeout value in microseconds, or INFINITE to indicate that the operation should not time out before completion.

Return Values

A status value indicating the success or failure of the operation:

E_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_EXIST The handle given is not a handle for an open HPE interface.
E_TIME The call timed out before the operation was complete.
E_STATE The driver is not operating in transmit-interrupt mode.
E_TRANSMISSION The physical link is down; no buffers can be added to the queue.
If this condition is received, terminate any outstanding receive operation, then close the interface (hpeClose) and reinitialize the software before reopening the interface.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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