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Returns the receive buffer obtained by hpeGetReceiveQueueBuffer to the designated queue of the network device. This call may be used only if the device have been opened with the RETURN_RECEIVE_BUFFER option set in hpeOpen. When opened in this mode, the buffer returned by hpeGetReceiveQueueBuffer is owned by the user application and will not be overwritten by the network device until this call is made to return the buffer to the device.

HPESTATUS hpeReturnReceiveQueueBuffer(
    HPEHANDLE devhandle, 
DWORD queue_index, HPEBUFFER *buffer_ptr );


A handle value for the device.
The index for the designated queue
A pointer to a HPEBUFFER returned by hpeGetReceiveBuffer.

Return Values

A status value indicating the success or failure of the operation. This may be one of the following:

E_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_EXIST The handle given is not a handle for a HPE interface.
E_PARAM The buffer_ptr is not valid.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 6.0 (HPE3) intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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