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Returns a pointer to the next receive buffer which has a fully-received frame in it for the designated queue. The pointer refers to the buffer which is used by the DMA engine, so if the data is required after the next cycle takes place it will need to be copied out of the buffer, or there should be sufficient receive buffers for multiple cycles.

If no buffer is available, the call returns a failing status.

HPESTATUS hpeGetReceiveQueueBuffer(
    HPEHANDLE devhandle, 
DWORD queue_index, HPEBUFFER **buffer_ptr );


A handle value for the device.
The index for the designated queue.
A pointer to a variable to which will be returned a point to a HPEBUFFER structure describing the next receive buffer which contains a received frame. The used field of the structure will indicate how many bytes of frame data are contained in the buffer.

Return Values

A status value indicating the success or failure of the operation:

E_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_EXIST The handle given is not a handle for an open HPE interface.
E_INVALID_ADDR The buffer_ptr parameter was not a valid pointer.
E_STATE No completed receive buffers were available.
E_LIMIT The queue_index parameter was out of bounds for the current hardware interface.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 6.0 (HPE3) intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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