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Configures options for the Ethernet controller, such as multicast packet reception. It is recommended to call this function only once after the controller is initialized with either hpeOpen or hpeOpenWithOptions and before attaching any receive buffers.

hpeConfigOptions doesn't perform any validation of MAC addresses.

Please note that multicast support features differ depending on the device. The Intel 10/100M bps driver does not support setting individual multicast address. The Intel 1G bps devices support up to 16 "perfect match" address filters, meaning that it receives multicast packets only destined to the device (if number of addresses exceeds 16, then it uses hash table). Realtek 1G device uses a hash table only, so it is possible that it receives packets not destined to the device. It is the application's responsibility to check the destination address of packet if necessary. Please refer to the datasheet of each device about the multicast packet support.

HPESTATUS hpeConfigOptions(
    HPEHANDLE devhandle, 
    DWORD size_of_conf


A handle value for the device.
A pointer to a HPE_CONFIG_OPTIONS structure, containing configuration parameters to set.

Return Values

A status value indicating the success or failure of the operation:

E_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_EXIST The handle given is not a handle for a HPE interface.
E_PARAM One or more parameter is invalid.
E_SUPPORT This function is not supported.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 4.0 intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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