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Set the offset at which the 1588 timestamp is written when the output queue is configured as HPE_TX_TIMESTAMP_1STEP. The default value when the queue attribute is set is 14 bytes from the beginning of the frame. This is the normal start of the data payload. This is probably not correct for your application. This is a global setting and affects all output queues configured to inject timestamps.

HPESTATUS hpe1588SetTimestampOffset(
    HPEHANDLE devhandle, 
    DWORD offset


A handle value for the device.
Offset from the beginning of the frame at which to write the HPE_1588_TIMESTAMP.

Return Values

A status value indicating the success or failure of the operation:

E_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_EXIST The handle given is not a handle for an open HPE interface.
E_SUPPORT IEEE1588 functionality is not supported by the hardware interface.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 6.0 (HPE3) intime/rt/include/hpeif2.h hpeif2.h hpeif2.lib
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