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GetAttributes (deprecated)

From INtime 6.0 the INtime Service and Port objects have been deprecated.

New projects should not be started using these features, and existing projects will not work with XM mode. You will receive a compiler warning by default if you use these calls.

This handler gets attributes from the service when an application calls GetRtServiceAttributes. Implementation is optional, but, if not implemented, the RT kernel returns a status of E_NOT_CONFIGURED when you call GetRtServiceAttributes. If implementation is not required, the pGetAttributes field of the SERVICEDESC structure should be set to NULL.

The SERVICEATTRIBUTES structure returns service-specific parameters and is implementer-defined after the first two fields. Note that values of the wOpCode field in the range 0x8000 to 0xFFFF are handled by the RT kernel and are never passed to the service.

The caller should set the wOpCode and wLength fields before making the call, specifying the function to be performed and the maximum size of the return values.

The implementer must set the return exception code through pExcep before returning. The value returned is passed back to the caller.

void GetAttributes(
    LPSERVICEDESC pService, 
    LPWORD pExcep

Return Values

Return status code in pExcep.

See Also

RT Service handlers, GetRtServiceAttributes, SERVICEDESC, SERVICEATTRIBUTES