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FreeLibrary (iwin32)
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Indicates that the given RSL can be unloaded. Entrypoint addresses obtained by GetProcAddress should no longer be used.

BOOLEAN FreeLibrary(
    HMODULE hModule


Handle to the loaded library module.

LoadLibrary or GetModuleHandle returns this handle.


This function is implemented by the INtime function FreeRtLibrary.

Before unmapping a library module, the system enables the RSL to detach from the process by calling the RSL's RslMain function, if one exists, with the RSL_PROCESS_DETACH value. Doing so gives the RSL an opportunity to clean up resources allocated on behalf of the current process.

After the entry-point function returns, the library module is removed from the process address space.

Calling FreeLibrary does not affect other processes using the same library module.

Return Values

non-0 (zero)
0 (zero)
Failure. For extended error information, see GetLastError.


Versions Defined in Include Link to
INtime 3.0 intime/rt/include/winbase.h windows.h iwin32.lib


This function operates in the real-time portion of your application.

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