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f (SDM)

Searches a specified block of memory to find a selected sequence of hexadecimal numbers.

[count] f source-address, data


The number of successive bytes in decimal for SDM to search.
The beginning address of the block of memory that you want SDM to search to find the hexadecimal number you specify in the data parameter.
The sequence of hexadecimal digits you want SDM to find. SDM can use from one to 32 digits. SDM scans memory in byte units, with one byte being the smallest unit for which it can search. Therefore, specify either an even number of digits or only a single digit. For single digits, SDM adds a 0 before the digit. For example, you can specify the digits 1, 12, and 54455354, but not 544 or 54455. The first digit in the sequence is the least significant byte.


Each time SDM finds a match, it displays the address of the first matching byte.


To have SDM find the number 54455354 in a memory block of 2000 bytes, starting from address 0, enter:

..2000f cs:0, 54455354

SDM displays the addresses where it found the specified number:


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